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5.1 Final General Arrangement
The General Arrangement of a ship can be defined as the assignment of spaces for all the required functions and equipment, properly coordinated for location and access. The general arrangement represents a summary or integration of information from other division and specialties in ship design to provide all necessary function of the ship in the most efficient manner. The efficient operation of ship depends upon the proper arrangement of each separate spaces and interrelationships between the spaces. It is important that the general arrangement be functionally developed keeping in view of both construction and operation aspects. The main requirements for a good general arrangement are

1.Adequate spaces for required function.
2.Structural Integrity.
3.Adequate access.
This chapter describes the general layout of the ship. The ship has two decks – main deck and upper deck. It is designed to carry 450 passengers and has 8 crew members. For details refer, Drawing No: XXVII/02.

5.2 Subdivision of Ship
According to LRS at least the following watertight bulkheads are to be fitted in all crafts. •one collision bulkhead
one afterpeak bulkhead
one bulkhead at each end of the machinery space
The distance of the collision bulkhead from the FP is to be between 0.05L and 3+0.05L. i.e. 2.47m and 5.47m. Two engines are to be accommodated and hence two engine room, one aft and other ford of it are placed. The engine rooms are situated well aft. Aft peak bulkhead is located at the distance of 3.5 m from the aft perpendicular. Bulkheads are also provided a the tank boundaries.

5.3 Frame Disposition[16]
The longitudinal division of a structure is to basic frame spaces is based on the rules specified by LRS

SL. NoRegionMinimum Frame Spacing Required (mm)Selected Frame Spacing (mm) 1Forward of 0.05L from FP552.3500
2Between 0.05L and 0.2L from FP552.3500
3Between 0.05L and 0.2L from FP.592.3500
4Aft of AP till 0.05L552.3500
Table 5.1 Frame Disposition

The Bulkhead Position is shown in table 5.1

Bulkhead 17
Bulkhead 2 19
Bulkhead 333
Bulkhead 445
Bulkhead 548
Bulkhead 654
Bulkhead 757
Bulkhead 875
Bulkhead 993
Table 5.1 Bulkhead Position
5.4 Passenger Spaces
Passenger accommodation is provided on two decks.
5.4.1 Superstructure 1
This superstructure on the above the main deck is designed and equipped to accommodate 350 passengers. It is to seat economy class passengers The deck is provided access from the sides i.e. both port and starboard. The passenger are can also be accessed from the aft of the superstructure. LCD television is provided for passenger entertainment. The deck is provided with Seats of Following Dimension

60cmx65cm, the seats are of pushback type with foldable tray on the back.

A restaurant is provided in the midship region to provide easy access to passengers seated on either side of the restaurant. The restaurant is designed to provide light refreshment; it will also provide fast food to the passengers. It is equipped with refrigerators, cooking range and oven. Vending machines are provided to enable passengers to buy soft drinks and water is an easy manner.

A kiosk is provided on this deck to provide a selected set of magazines, cd’s, and also toys and other stationary for the passengers onboard. The kiosk is located next to the restaurant. Toilets
Most of the toilets are located towards the aft of the superstructure. A toilet for the disabled is also provided. Toilets are also provided in the ford region, this is for the passengers seated at the fore end. Water closet type toilets are provided. Wash is also provided next to it.

In all 8 toilets are provided, 4 for Males and 5 for females and 1 for the...
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