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Topics: Elementary school, Generation Y, Associate's degree Pages: 3 (622 words) Published: July 6, 2014
Christiana Nogaliza
English 122
GenMe Chapter 1-5 Response
In Generation Me, Jean Twenge lays out her research on the major differences between our generation vs. the Baby Boomer’s generation. Most of what is brought up in Chapters 1 and 2 is right about how our generation focuses on “doing what want and what we love” over respecting other people’s comfort. Although I found myself nodding and agreeing to most of her points, there were a few things I found that she exaggerated a little too much on. In Chapter 2 “An Army of One: Me,” Twenge quotes Maureen Stout: “many educational psychologists believe that schools should be 'places in which children are insulated from the outside world and emotionally - not intellectually - nourished... My colleagues always referred to the importance of making kids feel good about themselves but rarely, if ever, spoke of achievement, ideals, goals, character, or decency,” (clearly an assumption). Growing up in elementary school, although it was quite a while ago, I still remember that my teachers in each grade would always stress on manners and helping/caring for our peers. We were taught to improve our character and to not disrespect our classmates; throughout all of my years in grade school the teaching staff had always emphasized and prioritized our achievements and goals as well. However I do understand that she highlights the importance of people learning to improve their character, which I agree should be necessary to enforce to children at young ages.

A point that stood out to me in Chapter 3 was when Twenge quotes “...another change from previous generations: the length of time GenMe has to pursue dreams. Because we expect to marry and have children later, it's more acceptable to spend your entire twenties pursuing 'dream' careers like music, screenwriting, or comedy.” (belief). This is definitely true for those in GenMe, which then ties into Chapter 4 that talks about how we are much more stressed...
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