Gb546 Recruitment and Selection

Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Human resources Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Cansandra McNair
GB546 Recruitment and Selection
Week 4 Assignment: Focus Paper

The hiring process can be draining and drown out. Searching for the right candidate to fill the position can be compared to finding a needle in a hay stack. Many employers have an idea/visual of how the replacement of what qualifications the new employee should acquire before the training process take place. With employee selection, assessment and decision making process should be carefully assessed to ensure that there are no laws broken were potential law suits can be filed. This paper will discuss the legal issues that may arise if the above processes are not handled with precaution. Legal Issues

With the increase of lawsuits that are being established in the workforce over the past years they have been an increase in the number of lawyers and firms that specialize in employment law. With the economy in the shape that it’s in, more companies are having to law off employers, some that have been there for years. Their selection process is being questions on how they are choosing the employees that are to permanently/temporary laid off. Therefore this is caused an increase in the number of cases the firms are taking in more cases at least 15% more than the previous years. This is because many feel that employers are firing those that can benefit from staying employed and receiving their full benefits, in some cases retirement. To decrease organizations from being forced to participate in lawsuits brought about them, an article stated the best alternative would be to develop a strategy for the company that involved at least three of the following steps: 1) “Draft good policies and revise them frequently

2) Train employees to follow procedures utilizing scenarios that prompt open discussion, development of issue awareness and recognition of employer and employee responsibilities 3) Insist on effective consultation and communication among managers,...

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