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Gandhi Essay

India faced many difficult challenges and still faces many challenges after independence and even still today. India had a man named Gandhi to help them towards independence. Gandhi was nicknamed "Mahatma" in India because he was a great soul in independence movement. He had many goals and messages that he passed on to the people of India. The way he fought was with nonviolent disobedience. Gandhi celebrated the Indian culture with nonviolence as well. He didn't take sides of religions between the Hindus and Muslims. He fought for all religions to gain independence from British control.

Gandhi had many goals and messages for the future of India. One goal was that the 2 religions, Hindus and Muslims, could live together in India with peace. Another goal was for India to have independence and Gandhi fought that with nonviolent disobedience. Gandhi's message was for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and equality. Gandhi was a man of peace and willingness to do anything for the people of India. He led them to independence.

There were a lot of major events that's happened on India's road to independence. it started out with the Congress Party. This was made up of mostly Hindu's and some Muslims but it claimed to represent all of India. So then the Muslim league was founded in 1906 to protect the interest of Muslim minority. It was lead by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the 1940's. He said the league wouldn't accept independence under the rule of the Hindu Congress Party. Which led to the Lahore Conference where the Muslim League proposed the separation of Muslim and Hindu states. This is when Gandhi was hurt. In 1946, rioting breaks out in the cities between the Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi attempted to restore order, but the British thought that they would never get along. Then the partition of India was accepted, which separated the HIndu's in India and then Muslim's to Pakistan. Lastly, on July 16th 1947, the 2 nations are to be free. Millions of...
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