Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Hrm Practices

Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Human resources Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Google’ targets from the website can show that Increment function is actually a costly game for others, and platform, Google are building this makes it cheaper, more easily develop and run ratio who all the application of network size. Besides that, this is a distributed computing platform, can manage the server cluster nodes10 million data set of in the network size. It includes a PB level, distributed, fault-tolerant file systems, distributed RPC code, may be Shared memory and processes migration network. And a data center management system can let a few old age pension plan engineer effectively run 10 million servers. Any of these projects is probably a start-up only focus.

HR as a Strategic Partner for Business
As business department human resources in any organization human resources strategic partner with unique challenges - it must ensure employee motivation, and is committed to perfect upright and honest organization. However, at the same time, HR department to ensure that the market will not be unfavourable involved in the dynamic process of the quantity of the pure investment impact. In some ways, the human resources administration departments shall serve as a provider for employees, and its employees Customers - treat employees the same way as they treat their customers, and customer satisfaction and overall delivery model by easier and adaptation. Business model and not just try, but actually provide the best solution strategy has been the benchmark in Google work culture. All of the workplace and office location in the world have established the vast space, not only provide and every possible creativity and innovation of the space, but also ensures employees the idea is appropriate and employees without compromise to study, work, and acknowledge.

Recruitment and Selection
In Google recruitment is in whole the first step of human resource process. As Google's credibility and commitment, for thousands of technology talents who want...
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