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Good Practice in Human Resource Management HRM - Transcript

1. Good Practice in Human Resource Management (HRM) Based on an interview with Graham Walton, Library Service Development Manager at Loughborough University ExFiles FOLIO Course – January 2007 2. Graham’s Current Role Graham is the Library Service Development Manager at Loughborough University. He is responsible for overseeing the quality /evaluation of library services, marketing and publicity, developing new services, training staff as well as human resources. 3. Main Functions of HRM HRM is about “getting the right people with the right skills in right place”. It is crucial that Library HR processes meet the strategic aims of the organisation. The HRM manager has operational responsibility to follow wider organisational policies and practices. 4. Graham’s HRM Responsibilities Graham oversees the appraisal process of all library staff. This involves the development process, monitoring progress, collating final outcomes and identifying any training needs. Graham is responsible for all human resource aspects of non-academic contract library staff. This involves seeing the HR process through from start to finish: e.g. writing job descriptions and person specifications, interviewing, selection, induction, de-briefing of leaving staff etc. Graham is also heavily involved in staff development and devising training programs. 5. How has Graham acquired HRM skills? Variety of ways including: One-year HRM course as part of an MBA. Internal courses on recruitment and selection. Learning through experience: “getting on with it”. Applying common sense. 6. Key challenges of HRM Workforce development – staff are now expected to learn new skills on a regular basis. Need to think about how you enable your staff to do this. Organisational Structure – need to think about the best way to configure this. What is the best way for people to work together? Need to allow opportunity for people to easily step out of...
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