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HRD Interview
Human Resource for large corporations can be very complex on how the company implements the resources, tools and strategies available. The proper use and effectiveness of their HR department can put the company on a path towards greatness. By offering their employees training and rewards with the assistance of keeping current on laws, it provides effective results for the company. For large corporations, they are using the ideas and guidance of their Human Resource department to help the company grow by empowering their staff and helping them grow and develop into talented and skill-full employees, which in turn benefits the company. At Hewlett-Packard, their HR department has about 4500 HR practioners to oversee the 300,000 employees that are located in 60+ countries at over 700 sites worldwide. One division of HR is called Technology and Operations. This particular department has 75 people in it that continually working on five main areas: Talent Management, Learning and Development, Workforce Planning, Total Rewards, and Engagement and Transformation. By focusing on these areas and implementing programs and strategies to help their corporation meet their goals, they are improving the workplace with more knowledgeable and skill-full employees. Focused Areas of the HR Department

Talent management is where the HR department enables career growth and advancement. This team collects key information about individuals in the organization. Without talent reviews, they would be unable to see where employee weaknesses are and unable to place people in areas of their strengths. Hewlett-Packard offers succession planning, university recruiting and hiring programs, accelerated development for top talent, and even discussed in Managing Human Resources (2013, pg222) institutes basic skill assessment programs to teach reading, math, and communication skills to employees. These types of programs are important because the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that illiteracy cost U.S. businesses upward of $60 billion a year in lost productivity (Managing Human Resources, 2013,pg 222). By offering these programs to their employees, companies are keeping valued and trained employees but assisting them in fine tuning their core skills and bringing their strengths to the forefront. Finding the right employees and offering proper training can save the employee and the employer time and money. For companies to find the right fit, implementing the realistic job preview to give either new employees or employees who could move somewhere else in the company, a chance to see “all aspects of the job, including its desirable and undesirable facets. (Managing Human Resources,2013,pg198). This “trial period” benefits the company by seeing if this position best suits the employee and will be able to implement their knowledge, skill and abilities to the job.

Learning and Development. For Hewlett-Packard, Learning and Development is actually responsible for creating, designing and delivery of the training programs. They help develop content for HR University and assist with employee development day. This department assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of each employee. As stated by MIT Human Resource department “Individual interviews, focus groups, and job skill checklists can be used to understand the learning goals of specific employee populations and the competencies needed to perform critical job roles. The learning assessment is then used to create development plans and learning programs that strengthen the department and provide growth opportunities for employees.” (MIT, 2013). By implementing these assessments, it helps better identify the gaps and create training to fills those gaps. Mentoring is also used in large corporations like Hewlett-Packard. Mentoring from others at higher levels in the organization provide guidance and support in the development of their careers (Managing Human Resources,...
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