Future of Travel Agencies

Topics: Travel agency, Tour operator, Travel Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 14, 2014
“Face-to-Face agents will prove their utility into the future by acting as ‘experience centres’ and supporting the development of adventure travel and the ‘silver’ traveller” Rohit Talwer Whether travel agencies and tour operators still have a role in the worlds future is a very controversial subject, some believing they do, and some believing they don’t. Although I tend to book my holiday adventures online, I believe in Mr Talwer’s statement, that being they do still have a future. I however don’t currently use tour operators because I am familiar with the destination I visit as I have been there many times before, therefore it is much easier to book the flights and accommodation direct and online. This is because I believe if you are intending to book a short haul flight it would be much easier to book online, however long haul destinations there is more money involved as well as needing more information about the destination in which a face to face conversation with a tour operator would be able to answer, rather than searching online. When collecting qualitative research data on 10 family members and friends about their holiday bookings 6 said there’d rather book online, leaving only 4 saying they’d rather go to a travel agency. Those 4 being of the older generation. My statistics also shadow Harvest Digitals research being that 55% of internet user’s book travel arrangements online, leaving 45% of people to book through operators. 2 out of the 4 people who said they’d rather use operators because they don’t trust online companies with their money and card details, which could result in fraud. Other disadvantages of booking online include: lack of advice, more room for error, unstable pricing and also peoples lack of computer knowledge is also considered a disadvantage. However the advantages of online booking are: cheaper flights than travel agents on the high street, you can compare prices, you can read reviews from other customers who have stayed at...
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