Travel Agent Skill

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1. Leadership
* The purpose of using a travel agent is to avoid having to do all the research and planning yourself. Agents must be leaders and be able to take charge over all arrangements in order to bring clients’ dream vacations to fruition. 2. Computer Literacy

* Helpful travel information is acquired by computer and travel publications—from weather conditions to travel documents, money exchange rates, local customs and popular tourist attractions. Proficient computer skills are a must. In particular, agents must skillfully navigate the computer software system known as SABRE (Semi-Automated Business Research Environment). First used by airlines in the 1960s and in travel agencies in 1976, it connects travel planners with a fully automated, convenient system for securing the best deal on flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel solutions. * Sponsored Links

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* Most travel agents work together with tour companies and other businesses dependent upon tourism for revenue. Agents must aggressively promote these partners and the special packages and services they offer. A strong understanding of marketing is needed to advertise these offerings through presentations to groups and companies, telemarketing, email marketing, ad displays and direct-mail pieces. 4.Communication Skills

* Travel agents must communicate efficiently with clients to create an ideal vacation plan. They must also maintain good communication with airlines, hotels, resorts, tour companies and other businesses that are crucial to providing clients with successful vacations. 5.Education

* An educational background in the extensive work performed by travel agents is required to enter the field. The BLS explains this education can be obtained from colleges, online programs, vocational schools or public...
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