Topics: Association football, Learning, Training Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: May 31, 2010
The Purpose of this task was to see and compare the improvement in the level of futsal dribbling skills and evaluate the factors that have influenced the level of improvement. To do this I participated in three different practice methods related to a dribbling circuit. The dribbling circuit was then performed in test conditions after each practice method with the time being recorded down. Skill acquisition is the ability to learn, develop, to control skills and to perform better in our sports. These Skills can be for everyday activities or for sports such as eye coordination and the balance skills. The factors that influences skill acquisition include types of practice age, personality, motivation, prior experience and social cultural factors. I have already experienced skill dribbling because I have played outdoor soccer, therefore i understand the skill causing me to be in the Associative stage. Futsal is classified as an open skill because even though the whole action is learnt, it is taken place with many players which gives the game a lot of uncertainty, as each player has to know their opponents, their own team players and the speed of the ball making you not be able to control what will happen next. When I did my first trial, to dribble the futsal ball around my first whole course, my result time was 44 seconds, this was because it was my first time dribbling a futsal ball and I haven't learnt anything of how to play futsal yet and because of this, my time was was quite slow, making me a very inexperienced futsal player. This led me to the Cognitive Stage. The Cognitive Stage is the absolute beginning stage where you would see the things being taught rather than hearing it. But as I was taught how to do the passing, running and dribbling with the ball, and changing directions with the ball again and again; I gradually became better. The second time I was being timed, was called the massed course. Where I had to dribble around each cone. My time for...
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