*from Outside in – Barbara Mellix*Communication in a Global Village – Dean Barnlund*Hunger as Ideology – Susan Bordo

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*From Outside in – Barbara Mellix
*Communication in a Global Village – Dean Barnlund
*Hunger as Ideology – Susan Bordo

Dean Barnlund expresses his views on the keys to survival in today’s world psychologically. His work “Communication in a Global Village”, discusses the interactions between people who come from dissimilar backgrounds and who have come to accept different norms of how simple acts in one culture posses a different meaning in another. He also discusses a person’s individuality which he expresses by using the concept of an “assumptive world”. This assumptive world is a man-made creation intended to express his uniqueness in a collective community. Barlund states that “Every culture attempts to create a ‘universe of discourse’ for its members”. This means that every culture creates certain rules for its people to follow and a specific language to speak. He also says that the world has become a small village; people seem to have become closer to each other because technology has decreased distances. Internet, phones and transportation made it possible to travel and cross countries and cultures, and that made the world smaller and easier to reach. But even with order, there is chaos. For, physical proximity has appeared to intensify the divisions between people. However, just as people differ, so do their powers differ. And there are powers in this world that try to unite us as humans and define who we are. They try to force their ideas and beliefs on us, taking away our freedom, not the freedom of a once imprisoned and now running free person, but the freedom of the mind, thoughts, body and most importantly the freedom of speech, the freedom to be ‘unique’. Barbara Mellix, in her essay “From outside in”, says: “Now that I know that to seek knowledge, freedom, and autonomy means always to be in the process of becoming, always to be venturing into new territory...” But how can someone become better, be different and...
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