Sociology and Cocktail Waitress

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Gender Pages: 20 (7898 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The purpose of the essay is to break down and analyze a situation from cocktail waitress by James D Spradley and Brenda J Mann. We will be analyzing the context of sociation. It is important because we want to understand why we and others do the things we do on a routine basis without ever glancing at the question of how come? How did we become sociatively competent in the simple way we do things? How do we learn all these actions within society? Also what are the consequences of our actions if we do not follow normative behaviour? Acting sociatively allows us to predict how others will behave around us by using our naked senses and mutual surveillance allows us to study all of this and allows for enhanced reaction times. In our situation there are a lot of changes within relationships even throughout the course of our situation. We are also look at a specific situation within the public realm which is located at Brady’s Bar and the associations that come with bar mentality that would not necessarily be allowed in any other public setting. We will also explore the gender role stereotyping and the normative positions of male versus female. We will also dig deeper into what is accepted within an American bar, expectations, acceptable roles, social behaviours, and values. Throughout this essay we will try to use concepts that explain this breakdown of thoughts and every day actions. We will explain in detail why we chose this situation and what relation our situation has to the study of sociation. We are describing and explaining our situation using course concepts. We will show how these concepts help identify certain parts of our situation clearly and more scrupulously. We will draw upon a different sources such as lecture notes, workshops, journal articles, sociological textbooks and The Cocktail Waitress as this is the theory behind day to day actions and thoughts. In our next section of the essay we will focus on three concepts to expand our analytical thoughts about our situation drawing upon lecture discussion as a main focus. Additional sources we use will also help us determine and strengthen our discussion about our situation, we will also explore if the situation has certain variables that can influence a situation such as place, time, and gender. Next we will highlight and summarize the main parts of our essay to extract the most meaningful parts and try to gain a deeper understanding of what we have discovered. We will be selective of the many concepts we have identified making core connections and deliberate insights into the world of situations we currently live in. We will then give a sociative response and think of the appropriate responses for the situation that have been implied through our analysis. We will then flush out by giving examples of what might happen next and determine if the staff at Brady’s Bar behaved appropriately for the situation. We will then outline parts of our essay that we think the readers should take away from the essay such as the usefulness of situation and sociation. We will also make sure the reader has learnt more about social life and social relations and sociology in general. Lastly we will refer to what our analysis reveals by concluding our essay implicating how much course content we have learned and are able to apply in everyday life. By answering our questions about how we and others do the simple every day actions that we do without ever wondering how we came to do them. We will offer advice to future social psychology students so that they might gain a deeper understanding of our situation and hopefully have better answers or questions than we could come up with. Explain why you chose this situation

We chose our situation because it has controversial gender issues. The main issue is the ascribed statuses that males and females inherit in our culture. In a bar setting, relationships are in a male-dominated context, where there is a social hierarchy that...

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