Indian National Congress and Pearl S. Buck

Topics: Indian National Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru, India Pages: 41 (7362 words) Published: May 17, 2013

Books| Authors|
A Bend in the river| V.S. Naipaul|
A Brush with Life| Satish Gujral|
A Conceptual Encyclopaedia of Guru Granth Sahib| S.S. Kohli| A Foreign Policy for India| I.K. Gujral|
A Fortune Teller Told Me| Tiziano Terzani|
A Gender Lens on Social Psychology| Judith A Howard and Jocelyn A.Hollander| A General and His Army| Georgy Vladimov|
A Himalayan Love Story| Namita Gokhale|
A Last Leap South| Vladimir Zhirinovsky|
A Nation Flawed-Lesson from Indian History| P.N. Chopra|
A Peep into the Past| Vasant Navrekar|
A Possible India| Partha Chatterjee|
A Psychoanalysis of the Prophets| Abdulla Kamal|
A Reveolutionary Life| Laxmi Sehgal|
A Secular Agenda| Arun Shourie|
A Simple Path| Lucinda Vardey|
A Suitable Boy| Vikram Seth|
A Tale of Two Gardens| Octavio Paz|
A Tribute to People’s Princess: Diana| Peter Donelli|
A Tryst With Destiny| Stanley Wolfer|
Abbot| Walter Scott|
Absalom, Absalom| William Faulkner|
Absalom and Achitophel| John Dryden|
Acoession to Extinction| D.R. Mankekar|
Across Borders, Fifty-years of India’s Foreign Policy| J.N. Dixit| Adam Bede| George Eliot|
Adhe Adhure| Mohan Rakesh|
Adonis| P.B. Shelley|
Adrain Mole-The Wilderness Years| Sue Townsend|
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn| Mark Twain|
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe| Daniel Defoe|
Adventures of Sally| P.G. Wodehouse|
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes| Sir Arthur Conan Doyle|
Adventures of Tom Sawyer| Mark Twain|
Adversary in the House| lrving Stone|
Advice and Consent| Allen Drury|
Aeneid| Virgil|
Affairs| C.P.Snow|
Affluent Society| J.K.Galbraith|
Afghanistan: Mullah, Marx and Mujahid| R.H. Magnus & Eden Naby| Africa’s Challenge to America| Chester Bowles|
After All These Years| Susan Issacs|
After the Dark Night| S.M. Ali|
Against the Grain| Boris Yeltsin|
Age of Reason| Jean Paul Sartre|
Agni Pariksha| Acharya Tulsi|
Agni Veena| Kazi Nazrul Islam|
Agony and the Ecstasy| Irving Stone|
Ain-i-Akbari| Abul Fazal|
Airport| Arthur Hailey|
Ajatshatru| Jai Shankar Prasad|
Akbarnama| Abul Fazal|
Alaska Unbound| James Michener|
Alchemist| Ben Johnson|
Alexander Quartet| Lawrence Durrel|
Alexander the Great| John Gunther|
Alice in Wonderland| Lewis Carroll|
Alien Nation| Peter Brimelow|
All for Love| John Dryden|
All is Well that Ends Well| William Shakespeare|
All Quiet on the Western Front| Erich Maria Remarque|
All the King’s Men| Robert Penn Warren|
All the President’s Men| Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward| All things Bright and Beautiful| James Herroit|
All Under Heaven| Pearl S.Buck|
Along the Road| Aldous Huxley|
Altered States| Anita Brookner|
Amar Kosh| Amar Singh|
Ambassador’s Journal| J.K. Galbraith|
Ambassador’s Report| Chester Bowles|
Amelia| Henry Fielding|
American Capitalism| J.K. Galbraith|
An American Dilemma| Gunnar Myrdal|
An American Tragedy| Theodore Dreiser|
An Apology for Idlers| Robert Louis Stevenson|
An Autobiography| Jawaharlal Nehru|
An Eye to China| David Selbourne|
An idealist View of Life| Dr.S. Radhakrishnan|
Anandmath| Bankim Chandra Chatterjee|
Anatomy of a Flawed inheritance| J.N. Dixit|
Ancient Evenings| Norman Mailer|
Ancient Mariner| Samuel Taylor Coleridge|
And Quiet Flows the Don| Mikhali Sholokhov|
And Through the Looking Glass| Lewis Carroll|
Androcles and the Lion| George Bernard Shaw|
Angry Letters| Willem Doevenduin|
Anguish of Deprived| Lakshmidhar Mishra|
Animal Farm| George Orwell|
Anna Karenina| Count Leo Tolstoy|
Another Life| Derek Walcott|
Answer to History| Mohammad Reza Pahlavi|
Antic Hay| Aldous Huxley|
Antony and Cleopatra| William Shakespeare|
Ape and Essence| Aldous Huxley|
Apple Cart| George Bernad Shaw|
Arabian Nights|...
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