French Fries and How They Are Made

Topics: French fries, Potato, Fast Food Nation Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: March 13, 2011
French Fries and how they are made
The core reading is Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation: Why the Fries Taste Good”. Eric Schlosser was born in Manhattan, New York, he spent his childhood there and in Los Angeles, CA. Schlosser studied American History at Princeton University and earned a graduate degree in British Imperial History from Oxford. Schlosser is known for his bestselling book, “Fast Food Nation”. Schlosser helped make his book into a film directed by Richard Linklater. I find this reading is a combination of genres. A biography talking about John Richard Simplot’s life growing up and how he became to make French fries. You can also say it is a research review, because the editor is writing about going to these different places and seeing how they go about producing French fries. I also see it as a personal essay, the editor’s personal experience by going through the different places and explaining in detail what he sees and smells.

When reading this article I find the reading to be about John Richard Simplot. John Richard Simplot was born January 4, 1909 in Dubuque, Iowa. He was often called Jack. The way he grew up and how it came about him starting his own business and becoming successful. John Richard Simplot left home at the age of 14 and started working at a potato farm and eventually became a potato farmer himself. In 1940 J. R. Simplot became the largest shipper of potatoes in the west, operating thirty-three warehouses in Organ and Idaho. John Richard Simplot was named the “America’s Great Potato Baron”. Later he got into selling onions; he also sold dehydrated onion powder where he recalled it was like “gold dust”. 30 miles west of Nampa, John Richard Simplot owns 85,000 acres of his own irrigated land. He grows beets, wheat, alfalfa, and onions. John Richard Simplot loves onions just as much as potatoes. In 1941 he bought a prune dehydrating machine and started dehydrating onions. He would dehydrate 300,000 pounds of onion powder and...

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