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The Art of the Table in Eighteenth-Century France." The Art of the Table in Eighteenth-Century France. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2016.
There was not much culinary interest in France in the 18th century. Between the overeating of the powerful and wealthy and the food shortage of that time period, those who could not afford the expensive food were forced to find other means of eating. Some of these were mixing dirt into flour in order to make bread, eating some leaves and bark, and even eating human flesh. The rich had an abundance of food and often would consume as much as possible, focusing less on the quality of the food, and more on the amount of food.

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It is written by Lynne Olver, a historian with a masters degree in library science. She provides not only valuable information on food from the French Revolution, but also shares recipes that readers can use to learn more about the food or even to attempt to recreate them. There are subtitles included which makes it easier to navigate through large amounts of information. However, the lack of images makes it difficult to visualize the types of food explained.

Sutton, Denys, and W.T Monnington. France in the 18th Century. London: S.n., 1968. Print.
The food of the eighteenth century was, again, very plentiful and intricate, but never too appealing or tasty. Breakfast normally consisted of a bowl of soup, coffee, and tea. Louis XIV was one of many royal overeaters. He ate enormous amounts of food at every meal, especially dinner. As if that was not enough, he stored large amounts of meat in case he got hungry between meals.

This book includes information about all aspects of life from the 18th century in France from music, to food, to fashion. It is very easy read and follow along to. The sentences are structured very well. The author did a good job staying on topic and did go off topic with other ideas. The vocabulary used in this book is advanced, yet easy to read and understand. Subtitles could be useful to better organise the large amounts of information

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