French and Indian war DBQ

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The French and Indian war ended in 1763, meaning the economical, political, and ideological aspect of things changed significantly. The downfall that Britain took was essentially the reason why the American Revolutionary war happened.

Before the French and Indian war colonist didn’t really have to worry about crazy taxes because the practically taxed themselves. Due to the colonist needing protection Britain stepped in, and they thought it was only fair that they raised the taxes to be able to pay their soldiers, but the colonist didn’t like this and refused to pay the taxes. Due to this the British Parliament passed laws to make colonist pay the taxes. After the war Britain was left bankrupt which made them tax ridiculous amounts of money on tea and other common things.

The idea of no taxation without representation became very popular after the war. With this idea in mind a spark towards independence began. The feeling of have the right to the new territory was strong, making anxious colonist to pack up and go explore. Since British didn’t want war between the Indians and the colonist they past the Proclamation of 1763, but this didn’t stop all colonist from going to the new land.

Once the Proclamation of 1763 was past colonist felt as if their rights were getting striped away from them. This then sparks the idea of representation. Because there weren’t any colonist in the Parliament the Crowns of Defense came up with Virtual Representation. Due to this every member of congress represented everyone in the British Empire, thus meaning representation from Britain also represented the colonist. Before this idea colonist were indirectly getting taxed by the British but now that they are being directly taxed, the colonist aren’t happy campers. This resulted in massacres, political tension etc.

The French and Indian war not only significantly affected Britain, but also put ideas of different ways to go about things in the heads of the colonist. With...
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