The French and Indian War Impact on the American Revolution Power Point

The French and Indian War: Connection to the American Revolution By: Davion Daniels

The American Revolution was the war between the Americans and the French against the British for their land and independence. The French and Indian War was the war for American soil between the Colonies of Britain and New France. The French and Indian war impacted the British and the Colonies in terms of global connections, governance, civic ideals and practices, and economics; all of which are four factors of the Revolution

English officials assumed that the Parliament must have ultimate authority and power over all laws and taxes, but the Colonists need to reserve colonial authority for their own legislatures. Also the Americans were outraged that men thousands of miles across the sea, whom they have not voted for, are making decisions for and representing them. They were also misrepresenting them in, voting in favor for several laws over the course of (1765-1773).

Economic Connection
After the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle was signed and the war was won, Britain's success didn't come free. For a massive victory, came a massive cost. Great Britain believed the American colonists should pay their own way. But the Americans begged to differ. They believed that they put up such a fight that the british should pay.

Colonists and The British

Economic Connection pt. 2
When the American's refused to pay their portion that the British believed they should, the British basically said if you won't willingly pay then we'll just raise taxes and make you pay anyway. They did this by increasing taxes on sugar (The Sugar act of 1764), and increasing taxes on stamps (The Stamp act of 1765).

Civic Ideals and Practices
The Stamp act was later repealed in 1766, due to the Americans protesting in the streets, refused to buy stamps, and mobs took to violence to make stamp collectors resign. The Americans gained confidence from playing such a part in the

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