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Nearly one hundred years ago, human beings invented the gadget called camera. Nobody could have known the importance of this invention when it was devised. After years, television and cinema were invented, and people gradually understood the importance of these gadgets. They had a chance to join entertaining, interesting, and even amazing world of television and cinema because the life they saw in movies usually resembled their daily life. Now people have considered that movies are inevitable for them. The movie industry has become the largest industry with millions of employees, and producers have started to earn enormous amount of money from the movies that they made. While all these change were happening, people’s pleasures and trends changed. Going to the cinema and watching movies in the evenings have become usual events of weekends among the young people (youngster). There are several types of movies that people watch regularly, and we can categorize them into three groups according to their popularity: comedies, action movies, and sentimental movies.

The first type of movies is comedies. Comedies are inevitable type of movies since people always seek fun and entertainment (or joy, recreation) in their lives. Sometimes life is boring and dull, and usually it is the problems that people face that make life boring. In such instances, these people would rather watch comedy films than struggle with their problems as they can escape from their reality. Interestingly, even a person who has lots of problems can forget his/her problems during the two hours that he/she watches a comedy. Moreover, there is no age for watching comedy films. Even your grandmother and your little son/daughter can watch comedy films as they are not too complicated, they are easy to understand, and they use common language called comedy. The most renowned comedian is Charlie Chaplin because he knew to use this common language. In those years, there was no sound in...
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