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First Year Seminar in K-State Culture
DAS 100 • Section F • Willard Hall 123 • Tuesday 2:30 pm • Fall 2012

Instructor: Jenny Oleen, MLS • 414B Hale Library
785-532-0708 •

Course Description

Welcome to First Year Seminar in K-State Culture! Instead of listening passively to lectures, you will directly experience what a university is by attending the varied cultural and intellectual activities that occur at K-State. In this class, you will learn about the very broad range of experiences you can have in college, you will develop critical thinking skills, and hopefully you will come to understand how these experiences can make you a more well-rounded, academically proficient, and intelligent human being.

Each student is required to purchase a ticket packet at McCain Auditorium for $48 (available August 20th-September 4th) in lieu of a textbook. We will go to McCain to purchase our tickets as a class on the 28th. If you do not purchase your tickets then you are still expected to attend all the events on the same day as your class. In addition, your syllabus is your roadmap for the semester. You are expected to bring a copy of this syllabus to class every day.

Student Learning Outcomes
- Develop critical thinking skills.
- Express ideas and opinions thoughtfully and democratically. - Work with others to learn about the university, its traditions and culture. - Transform experience of attending events into critical observations in class and written reviews.

Class Point Breakdown

|Item |Number |Points |Total Points | |Class session participation |15 |10 |150 | |Event attendance |11 |50 |550 | |Reaction assignments |3 |30 |90 | |KSBN assignment |1 |105 |105 | |Newspaper assignment |1 |105 |105 | | | | |1000 |

Grading Scale

|Points Earned |Grade | |900+ |A | |800-899 |B | |700-799 |C | |600-699 |D | |0-599, or 3 unexcused absences at out of class events |F |

Assignments & Grading for the Course

The final class grade is determined by the total number of points accumulated during the semester. While many of you are technically teenagers, I consider everyone in class an adult. As an adult it is up to you to decide to how much work you want to do and what grade you want to work towards. Your assignments are due to K-State Online one week after the event for which they were written. If the event was on a Sunday it is due the following Sunday, time stamped before 12:00 am Monday morning. Late work will not be accepted.

Excused & Unexcused Absences

The majority of your points come from attendance and participation. An excused absence from an event must be made up with one of three recorded Lou Douglas lectures that you watch and write a reaction paper on. Reaction papers are either due the date of the event (to the make-up event drop box) or, if the missed event has a reaction paper due, by the date that reaction paper is due in that drop...
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