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Each of these cards have their own niche, and it really depends on what deck you're using it in to pick which is most optimal.
Trap Stun is very much suited to combo decks that rely on OTK or setting up an established board via multiple plays i.e Geargia. It also allows you to prevent powerful cards such as Geargiagear. The card's disadvantage is that it's an inherent -1 and sometimes if your big play is prevented by cards like Swift Scarecrow, your opponent's trap cards are still live, though Trap Stun can still be used to just 1-4-1 with Traps. If you're using it for this purpose, Seven Tools is a better option as it's a Counter Trap.

Seven Tools is a counter trap meaning the only card in the meta that can actually stop it is another Seven Tools. With the rise in popularity in Black Horn of Heaven against decks like Constellar, it could potentially see even more of a rise in play as it allows you to deal with Horn, and allows you to get game-changing XYZ's through like Evilswarm Exciton Knight. Seven Tools also can hit Geargiagear like Call of The Haunted. It can also deal with floodgate cards like Mistake or DNA Surgery, but it's downside is it isn't 100% reliable for this purpose as you are required to have Tools set upon the activation of their floodgate trap.

Dust Tornado is suited more to decks that have massive problems with Floodgate cards i.e Mistake or Skill Drain. It essentially works like a slower MST as you have to set it for a turn, but it's still the most optimal for certain decks to up your spell/trap destruction in Games 2 and 3. Though Dust Tornado is incapable of preventing your opponent's Trap Stuns or summon-reactive traps like Bottomless Trap Hole.
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