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Classification & Division

By HeatherNicole2 Apr 15, 2013 375 Words
Title: Types of Movies
Topic Announcement: Movie Genres
IntroductionBackground: Movie genres describe the film and its purpose to the audience. Thesis Statement: “There are many genres for any person’s interest.”
ComedyComedies are light-hearted plots that are designed to amuse, entertain, and provoke laughter from the audience. They provide a momentary escape from day-to-day life. (Dirks, “Main Film Genres”) Body Paragraphs RomanceRomantic films are based off of stories in which the central struggle is between two people who want to win or keep the love of one another. (Pearson, “Create your Screenplay”) AnimatedAnimations are collections of illustrations that are photographed frame-by-frame then played in a quick session. They tend to have a creative and imaginative tendency. (Schilf, “Screen Writing Basics”) DramaDramas tend to be more serious, plot-driven presentations portraying realistic characters, settings, life situations, and stories involving intense character development and interaction. (Dirks, “Main Film Genres”) AdventureAdventure films are usually exciting stories with new experiences or exotic locales. They are similar to action, using searches and expeditions or journeys to create the story. (Dirks, “Main Film Genres”) ActionAction films are usually high energy, big budget films that use stunts, chases, rescues, and fights to capture the viewer’s attention with non-stop motion. (Dirks, “Main Film Genres”) HorrorHorror films are designed to frighten and invoke our hidden, worst fears, often with a shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining the audience. (Dirks, “Main Film Genres”)

DocumentaryDocumentaries are types of films intended to document some aspect of reality primarily for the purposes of maintaining a historical record. (Wikipedia, “Documentary Films”)

ConclusionMovie genres were created to put films into their own categories with a description of what the film entails and what is to be expected when viewing a film of a particular genre.

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