Francis King Making It All Right Essay

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F. King. “Making it All Right”

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t need a friend. We trust our friends, take them into our confidence and expect them to help us. But sometimes we don’t even suspect that we can keep a snake in our bosoms. The text under consideration is the story “Making it All Right” by Frances King. The story is basically about a woman, Diana Lucas by name, who has two friends: Iris Clark and Mary Hirst. Diana seems to take care of Iris, who has recently been injured in a car accident and needs assistance. In fact Diana makes use of both Iris and Mary. Diana takes over all Iris’s property from her house to her heater. She sells Iris a golden screen at a high price. Having looked into Diana’s bag, Mary finds a cheque. Diana turns out to have bought the screen for a song. Mary changes her attitude to Diana. However, Diana does not understand that there is something wrong in their relationship. She believes that Mary is jealous of her and the next day she will make it all right on the telephone. So, through his characters the author conveys his theme: Friendship can’t be based on hypocrisy. The old cliché “Actions speak louder then words” is particularly true in this story. Diana is a business woman, who got used to making people do profitable things for her. Through her words such as “dear”, “angel” and “sweetie” Diana has influences people, who are around her. She persuades Mary and her husband into visiting Iris. She has no difficulty in doing it. “Mary submitted to Diana as people of far stronger wills found themselves submitting.” So, Diana gets into the habit of giving instructions, she gets what she wants no matter which way. Her name reflects her personality. It is a strongly feminine name that originates from Latin “the goddess of hunting”. Diana is a hunter. Visiting Iris she pays no attention to Mary or her husband. She remembers about them only when she wants to gain her aims. Diana expects...
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