Similarities Between Diana And Diana

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Many have heard of the Greek goddess, Artemis, but not many know of her Roman comparison Diana. There are some differences but many similarities. Both versions are referred to as the goddess of the hunt, as well as the moon and of childbirth or fertility. Diana had many qualities that could be looked upon and thought to be respectable as well as what she stood for and protected. (#2)
Diana’s story is one that should be respected. The Greek version says that Artemis was born on the island of Delos. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto as well as the sister to her twin Apollo. It is said that immediately after she was born, she assisted as a midwife for the birth of Apollo. This is where she gets her association with childbirthing and being...

“Diana” is the Roman name, “Artemis” is the Greek name, “Lucina” is the name of her as the goddess of childbirth and healing, and “The Triple Goddess” is her other name. “The Triple Goddess” in statue form shows Diana as having three different heads. One head is a horse, one is a dog, and one is a bear.
The companions of Diana were woman that she was completely comfortable around. She never was in the company of men with the exception of her twin brother, Apollo. She and her companions would do everything together. They would bathe, eat, talk, hunt, and even dance together.
There have been stories of men coming across Diana and her companions bathing and she did not take that too well. She did not like having males hanging around so she would run them off. Remember, she was very protective of her hunting companions chastity and would go to great lengths to avoid a threat to it.
Diana was a goddess that someone could look up too and want to be like her. Not only was she beautiful, but she was her own independent self. She didn’t need anyone else taking care of her. She had many values and would protect them. She was in a way, a mother hen. Diana all around was someone to feel safe...
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