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Topics: Francine Patterson, Sign language, Arctic Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: October 14, 2007
The first website I decided to search through was very well-organized. If there would've been a more explicit summary regarding the videos, it would have helped us understand the subject more clearly. The graphics on this website were very apparent. I found that each photograph displayed on the website included a very informative review on what the picture was all about. To my surprise, the graphics did not take too long to load and were not very disorderly. There was a good amount of space between photographs and summarizations, which made the website seem a lot less confusing to navigate through. The videos were extraordinary. These videos were extremely helpful in understanding Evolution and its whereabouts. They included lots of data that grasped my attention. The links found throughout the website loaded quickly and were very direct. I also noticed how each link was not ancient, meaning that they were current. When I clicked on the links, I saw new information every time. For example, after watching the video on Charles Darwin, I clicked on a link beside his photo that was titled "Darwin's Diary". This brought me to a slideshow which described in detail Charles Darwin's life, works, and beliefs. So, not all links bring us to totally different topics. This clearly shows how we may click on a link that may open our minds to more information that can help us understand topics such as Evolution. I found that this website was overall instructive. I am convinced, after navigating through this website that it would really help anyone understand Evolution in every aspect. Subsequent to searching through the website, I learned that back in Darwin's days, his idea of Evolution was considered unconventional because it went against science, church and the bible. When watching a video based on extinction, I was shocked to learn that 99% of species that have existed have gone extinct. These extinctions have not only occurred because of natural causes but because of...

Links: on this page were current and actually very educational. For example, I clicked on a link that brought me to a page where I was able to a close-up view on the weapons used to hunt, the types of clothing they used, tools used to sew, etc
The point is that the links were very effective in teaching what those tools were, what they were used for and why. Here at this website I learned a whole lot than I knew about people of the arctic region. I was taught by what I read that their traditions, beliefs, language, kinship and values were extremely important and was a big part of their distinctiveness. I also learned about the types of foods they ate. The residents of these small villages would hunt for fish, seal, sea lions, moose, bear, and would also gather fruits and other wild foods. I also read about how the villages changed over time. Their native language was no longer spoken as frequently as the English language and new industries were established, but this only made their traditions become stronger. They were very proud of who they were and would continue to be no matter what. I felt that this website educated me more about the people of Alaska and how they live. I did feel it helped me with the understanding I had of people of the Arctic. I thought they were very strange at first, but I have come to learn that they are just like us. They are in a different part of the world and have adapted to that environment and that lifestyle is what makes them happy.
In summary, I thought this experience of exploring websites and learning from them was very exciting. I was able to learn a whole lot of new facts that I can put into my understanding of anthropology and the world.
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