Haveing a Laundry Room 2nd Floor

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As i went to a website i found some very interesting points and some bad ones. Having a second floor laundry room is a really good thing from what i read they asked about flooding and repairs for when it does. As for the flooding part the houses have a drian plain for the flooding part.

Again as i was on this website the other concern was noise being on the cycle. i was reading there was this one guy who was a woodworker he said “Regarding noise concerns for having the laundry on the 2nd floor: Whenever I remodel a room I put fiberglass insulation inside the interior walls for sound proofing. Very quiet. We have to yell to be heard in the other room the downside... my wife is quite used to yelling at me...

I had thought about benefits of a laundry room on the 2nd floor. However, I am planning for a 2nd Master Suite on the 1st floor for my mother. When The Lord calls her to join my Dad, this room could become a home office, or perhaps I might use it when I get up in years.

The benefits of a laundry and Master on the first floor: You carry laundry up & down stairs when your hips & knees are young and you are physically able to run marathons up & down 50 flights of stairs. When you get to be the age of your parents, laundry, kitchen, & bedroom are on the same floor. Of course, we all must live within the restrictions of our own budget.”

Last but not least. the age part of it as the woodworker guy said being its a good thing case you can run up and down the stairs easier. being older you can't do as much so you would most likely have your laundry room on the same floor as the rest of your facilities.
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