Food Inc vs.Super Size Me

Topics: Food, Nutrition, Fast food Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: May 2, 2010
The world needs to eat!! The food industries need to make money!! At what cost? The cost is at the size of our wallets or worst or waist lines. Our health is directly affected what we eat and how we eat. Food inc. and S*uper* Size M*e** are two different movies that address this issue. Although different they both describe the health benefits and risks of food. **Super* *S*ize M*e** was more effective and **F*ood inc. was the least effective. The movie *food Inc*. is about the making of our everyday food efficiently, in mass quantities and as cheap as possible. The movie starts with a quote “the way we eat has changed more over the past fifty years than in the previous ten thousand.” Food production has changed dramatically. The production of food is now controlled by many corporations .these corporations tell the food producers what should be done so that business is profitable. Regardless of consequences, many things are often forgotten about. For example the treatment of the animals. Yes they are going to eventually be killed for our consumption, but there are guidelines as to how they should be treated. The companies spend millions of dollars on lobbyists to change the law to benefit themselves. This movie shows the drastic difference between farms produced food and food produced in a factory. Food produced on a farm is organic, and food produced in a factory contains many different chemicals and ingredients that are and can be harmful to our bodies. I personally found this movie to be extremely frugal, disgusting, ineffective, and boring. The reason I found this movie to be boring is because even though it was the truth about food industries and spending habits. I love food way too much to want to know the actual facts about food. I don’t want to have to worry about whether it is good for me or not. Even though unnatural ways are used to feed the animals to fatten them up and to grow faster and bigger. It is cheaper and easier to pump them with...
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