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Food and Safari Restaurant

By moso1988 Feb 24, 2013 582 Words
My favorite restaurant

If you are looking for a good place with Somalia & African food, I will recommend you to the Safari restaurant. It is one my favorite restaurant to dine in. It is one local restaurant that located in Minneapolis, MN. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Somalia and African food that I love so much. I go there with my family and my friends at least three times a month. Whenever I go there, I enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant, the design, the quantity and the taste of the foods, and the friendly service.

The first reason why safari is one of my favorite restaurants is the atmosphere. It is the only great place where I always experienced welcome atmosphere like back home. The first things you notice when you walk in the safari restaurant are how all the workers have great manners, including the owner as well. They always make you feel like the customers are always right. The walls décor makes me feel like I am in Somalia. The service is great from the time I walk through the door of the restaurant. The waiters are very nice while taking orders and taking care of all the other guests.

The second reason why safari restaurant is one of my favorite is because of the design, and the quantity and the taste of the food. If you don’t like to eat some exotic foods, safari restaurant is not the place to be, but if you have the courage to try some cow kidneys with onion, and well-seasoned for breakfast or some camel meat. If trying new food is your cup tea and then safari is definitely the place to be. I usually start with their homemade “Sambusa” its stuffed beef, added onion, crispy fried and it’s well seasoned, and some Somalia tea. After I order a special mix of the three meats on one plate, with some pasta, fries, rice and free will of chosen of what kind meat you want on your plat. They got those gigantic plats they serve with. Just by looking at the size of the plat, you will realize you won’t be able finish your meal and there dessert are very addictive. It’s not only that it tastes so good, just looking at the design alone on that chocolate is mouthwatering. I often go to the safari restaurant because I am always satisfied with the food.

Third reason why safari restaurant is one my favorite restaurant is because the friendly service. As soon you walk into the restaurant you are welcomed with kind smiles and words. The waiters are hands on to satisfy customers. For example, there was this child was crying in middle of the restaurant. Her parents tried to keep her calm but nothing worked out. One of waitress bought her a toy out of nowhere just to keep the kid not crying and their guests. At safari you don’t have to wait for your meal that long, nor stand in the line. Over all you will have great service experience.

In conclusion, why safari is one of my favorite restaurants is because of the atmosphere of the restaurant, the design, the quantity and the taste of the foods, and the friendly service. During my every visit, I enjoyed the spectacular moth watering food and the amazing service. This is the best restaurant where I always have a good time. I recommend everyone to go to safari restaurant

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