Flvs Ap Psychology 1.06 Frq

Topics: Experiment, Scientific method, Statistics, Experimental design, Test method, Pharmacology / Pages: 2 (257 words) / Published: Aug 2nd, 2013
A new drug has been formulated to reduce hyperactivity for children ages 5-17. To test this I will be using 100 children that are randomly selected clinically labeled hyperactive child. 50 Children will be randomly assigned to the experimental group and the others will be placed in the control group. Both groups however will be told that they are being given the new drug (a single – blind study). The experimental group will be given the drug and will be asked to meet every day for two hours, at a designated location and will be observed on how they behave, with regard to the environment their being placed in is an applicable place to do their homework/read etc. The control group will be given a placebo and asked to meet together daily, for the same amount of time (but at a different location). The independent variable is the new drug and the dependent variable will be how the hyperactivity in the children changes (whether increasing or decreasing). Both the experimental group and the control group will be observed by 10 other psychologist and at the end of the trial period (2 weeks), we will hear what they have to say on the 5 children that they each observed. An average will be totaled of how many hyperactive bursts each of the children (from both groups) make. Inferential statistics will then be used from the averages (along with the other data from the experiment) to see how the results would be, dealing with a larger

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