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Ap Psychology Quiz
Professor Cortez believes that development is largely due to nature. Professor Cortez would argue that
A) early intervention is of supreme importance for economically at-risk children.
B) environmental factors have a greater impact on development than genetic factors.
C) offering high-quality stimulation in infancy and toddlerhood is vital for favorable development.
D) providing experiences aimed at promoting change is of little value.

A strength of __________ is that it reflects participants’ everyday behavior.
A) structured observation
B) naturalistic observation
C) the structured interview
D) the clinical interview A researcher interested in children’s beliefs about God begins each interview with the same question,
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Which of the following helps to explain why preoperational children’s thinking keeps them from being able to understand the idea of conservation?
A) They tend to spend too much time on reversibility, or mentally reversing the steps in a problem back to the starting point.
B) They tend to focus more on the dynamic transformation of a situation without giving adequate attention to beginning and ending states.
C) They have a significant grasp on the idea that appearances can change without changing the fundamental characteristics of the situation.
D) Their understanding is characterized by centration in which they focus on one aspect of the situation while ignoring other important features.

Spearman proposed the concept of g after he found that
A) test items differed in the extent to which they predicted cognitive performance outside of the testing situation.
B) crystallized and fluid intelligence are easy to distinguish in factor analysis.
C) all test items he examined correlated with one another.
D) separate, unrelated factors, called primary mental abilities, exist.

Higher-IQ children and adolescents tend to
A) have authoritarian parents.
B) struggle with anxiety and

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