A Case Study on Cognitive Development

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Want Pages: 2 (263 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Socio-emotional milestones in 0-3months
1. Suck their own fingers
2. Observe their own hand
3. Can comforted by a familiar adult
4. Smile and slow pleasure in response to social stimulation 5. Respond positively to touch
6. Look at the place on the body that is being touched
Socio-emotional milestones in 2-3 years
1. Indicate toileting needs
2. Help to dress and undress themselves
3. Display aggressive feeling and behaviors
4. Show awareness of their own feeling and those of others, and talk about feeling 5. Enjoy parallel play
6. Participate in simple group activities . eg : singing clapping or dancing

Socio-emotional milestones in 4-5 years
1. Imaginative play
2. Dramatic play
3. Develop friendship
4. Compare themselves with other
5. Show interest in exploring sex differences

Common Socio-emotional issue for toddlers

1. Problems controlling feeling – they want to master skills and task independently and believe that what they want to happen should happen. 2. Separation protest – they are able to remember you after you left but don’t understand you will come back 3. Self-comforting behavior – using a cuddly object , eg : blanket , soft toy for comfort during times of stress or to relax 4. Problems with sharing – child start to understand that they are individuals and independent from everyone else, you may hear “mine” or “no” quite often when you try to help your child to share 5. Awareness of other emotions – they may recognize that their parents are not happy when they misbehave, but they often don’t know what to do about it
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