Five Star Hotel Case Study

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Chandra, 2012 in his thesis titled “Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality with reference to five star hotels in India” has studied on the aspects of Customer Relationship Management practices followed in India; Studying the effect of CRM practices on the service quality as perceived by the customers of the hotels in the study; Determining the word-of-mouth advertising and referrals gain by the hotels as outcome of CRM and Analysis of impact of CRM practices on satisfaction, retention, grievances, perception of brand image and loyalty of existing customers.
The study has employed descriptive research design, since the research describes the various aspects of CRM followed by five star hotels in India. Further the study attempts to address the relationship between CRM aspects and retention, satisfaction, perception of brand image and service quality of customers.
The study has collected primary data through structured questionnaire sent and collected through email to the customers of five star hotels under study. The secondary data regarding the facilities, services, accommodation,...

Tourism is one of the growing industries, and it’s the second largest industry in the world. There are many factors which promote the tourism industry. Climate is one of them. The regions of higher altitude are always preferred by the people to escape from stress and strains. The flow of tourists to these places also contributes to the tourism industry of Tamil Nadu. But tourism does not confine itself in hills or mountains only. The scenario has being changed now. Anything which attracts or entertain people can be considered for tourism. In the case of Tiruneveli, it is a unique centre in the tourist map of Tamil Nadu. The place is blessed with plenty of tourism potentials like pilgrim centers, reservoirs, dense green forests and tea plantation. They are also places of historical...
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