Fish and Old Man

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Vocabulary Activities for The Old Man and the Sea

So you’ve chosen to read The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway. Good choice! This book won the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in literature in 1953.

Activity #1: Word Sorts
Write the words from the Word Banks on index cards or slips of paper. Mix them together and sort them into three groups: words you know well, words you know a little about, and words you have never encountered before. Spread the words out rather than piling them up. Look up the words you know a little about in a dictionary or in an online dictionary. Make a few notes on the cards for those words so you will know them better when you see them again.

Now, sort the words again. Put them in three groups: adjectives, nouns and verbs. Use a dictionary or online dictionary to check and see if you’re right. (Hint: you should have 9 adjectives, 8 nouns, and 3 verbs.)

One more sort! Sort your words in to groups that show the connotation you have for each word. (Feel free to revisit lesson #2.02 to review connotation.) Create a group of words with a positive connotation and another with a negative connotation.

Activity #2: Criss-cross Puzzles
Use the word banks to complete the criss-cross puzzles below. Do Puzzle #1 before you start reading and Puzzle #2 after you have read the first 3 sections of your book. First, try to complete them without counting the letters in each word. After you have done as many as you can, use the length of each word to help you place them in the correct spaces. Read the clues carefully and work to understand the words better so you will know them when you see them in the story.

Word Bank #1, p. 1-35

Word Bank #2, p. 36-127

Santiago’s fishing boat
This is a photograph of the top of a canoe. Santiago’s skiff, or fishing boat, is probably larger than a canoe, but many of the parts are the same. You can see the thwart that goes across the top of the canoe and keeps it stable. You can’t see the thole pins that stick up on the sides. The thole pins go through holes on the oars to keep them in place when someone is rowing. Some people have oar locks on their canoes instead, which look like the letter Y. The oar fits into the top so it will stay in place.

BOW (Front)
STERN (Rear)

Santiago’s boat has a mast, which is the tall pole that holds the sails upright. He uses a gaff, or a sharp, hooked stick, when he’s trying to haul in fish. He would use a harpoon, or a spear, to throw at a fish. Santiago uses a string with a weight on it to figure out how many fathoms deep the water is. A fathom is six feet deep. He knows that different fish swim at different depths. While at sea he sees flying fish, albacore (tuna), dolphin (mahi mahi), Portuguese man-of-war (jellyfish), mackerel sharks (dentuso in Spanish) and shovel-nosed sharks (galanos in Spanish). He worries about what to do if his fish sounds – that is, if the fish dives to the bottom of the ocean – and dies, because he doesn’t think he can pull the fish back up by himself.

Vocabulary in The Old Man and the Sea, p. 1-35

1. the emission of light without burning or heat, glowing
3. extremely thin and bony, as if from great illness or hunger 4. without result; powerless
5. colorful, especially with rainbow-like color; colors that appear different when seen from different angles
7. a gush of liquid or air; a sudden outburst of energy
8. process by which the surface (sometimes of the earth) is worn away by the action of the wind and waves or by friction
9. kindly, desiring to help others, charitable

2. gathered
3. resembling jelly or gelatin
6. accuracy

Vocabulary in The Old Man and the Sea, p. 36-126...
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