Ozone Depletion and Monthly Test English

Topics: Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Match Girl, Ozone depletion Pages: 4 (426 words) Published: August 27, 2014

First Monthly Test
English 3

Simple Recall
Directions: Pick out the nouns in each sentence. Write them on the sheet provided, Then, write A if the noun names a person, B- a place, C-a thing, and D – an event.

Example: The boys played their toys.
Answer: boys – person , toys - thing
1. Do you have a map of the Philippines?
2. The children were tired after their field trip.
3. Our parents always remind us to respect the elders.
4. The earthquake originated in Marinduque.
5. Aunt Ana forgot her umbrella.

B. Stem-Option
Directions: Choose an appropriate noun to complete each sentence. Write the letter of your answer on the sheet provided. 1. The athlete wave the Philippine ____all day.
a. frogb. flagc. flood
2. The strong typhoon blew down the ____ on the road.
a. balloonb. treesc. people
3. Brenda can’t pay the phone bill because she has no _____. a. honeyb. moneyc. pony
4. The loud ____ scared the children.
a. Thunderb. typhoonc. earthquake
5. Animals in the circus do funny ______.
a. Feetb. treesc. tricks

C. Identification
Directions: Identify the underline noun as common or proper noun.

Example: Linda is baking a cake for her family.
Answer: Linda – proper noun
1. The Philippines has three major islands
2. Basketball is a very popular sports in our country.
3. Hans Christian Andersen is an author of classic children’s stories. 4. “The Little Match Girl” is a beautiful story.
5. Some modern appliances contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer.

A.Stem Option Variety
Directions: Write the missing last two letters of the words given below. Make sure that the completed words fit the description of the phrases. Write the whole word on the sheet provided.

Example: the same as a present gi_ _.
Answer: gift
1. to go up the stairs – cli__ __.
2. the color produced when red and white are combined –pi __ __. 3. is placed on the...
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