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Topics: Force, Momentum, Potential energy Pages: 8 (1941 words) Published: June 17, 2013
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Chapters 5-13

Ways to study for your exam:
* Review past tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and vocabulary sheets * Review notes
* Read textbook chapters (especially summary pages at the end of each chapter) * Complete this Review guide
* Write practice essay questions and have your instructor grade them You should be able to:
* Define all vocabulary words and describe how they apply to real life physical situations * Apply physics equations to solve problems
* Answer all previous test and quiz questions correctly

Instructions: Answer all of the questions on a separate sheet of paper in order to prepare for your final exam.

Chapter 5 – Work and Energy

1. How is work related to force and displacement?

2. A car travels at a speed of 25 m/s on a flat stretch of road. The driver must maintain pressure on the accelerator to keep the car moving at this speed. What is the net work done on the car over a distance of 250 m?

3. What form of energy is stored in any stretched or compressed object?

4. State, in words, the work-kinetic energy theorem.

5. Describe the relationship between kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy as a roller coaster completes a trip.

6. A pocket watch contains a long, spiral piece of metal which is coiled tightly as the watch is wound. What form of potential energy is involved in winding a pocket watch?

7. An object is lowered into a deep hole in the ground. How does the potential energy of the object change?

8. Write an equation that expresses the conservation of mechanical energy in a system where the only forms of mechanical energy are kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy.

9. A pendulum is raised 1.5 cm and allowed to fall. If air resistance is negligible, how high will the pendulum rise on the other side?

10. Explain how energy, time, and power are related.

11. How are work and power related?

12. How is a machine’s power rating related to its rate of doing work on an object?

13. Which motor performs more work in the same amount of time—a 10 kW motor or a 20 kW motor? How much more work can it do?

Chapter 6 – Momentum and Collisions

14. Write the equation for momentum, first using symbols for the variables, then using words for the variables.

15. As a bullet travels through the air, it slows down due to air resistance. How does the bullet’s momentum change as a result?

16. Is it possible for a spaceship traveling with constant velocity to experience a change in momentum? Explain your answer.

17. How can a small force produce a large change in momentum?

18. A moderate force will break an egg. Using the concepts of momentum, forces, and time interval, explain why an egg is more likely to break when it is dropped on concrete than if it is dropped on grass.

19. State, in words, the law of conservation of momentum for an isolated system.

20. On a pool table, a moving cue ball collides with the eight ball, which is at rest. Is it possible for both balls to be at rest after the collision? Use the law of conservation of momentum to explain your reasoning.

21. Two objects stick together and move with the same velocity after colliding. Identify the type of collision.

22. Why is the sound produced by a collision evidence that the collision is not perfectly elastic?

23. Two snowballs are traveling straight toward each other. One snowball has twice the mass of the other, but is moving at half the speed. The snowballs meet head-on in a perfectly inelastic collision. Describe how the collision affects the total momentum and total kinetic energy of the system.

24. Two billiard balls of equal mass are traveling straight toward each other with the same speed. They meet head-on in an...
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