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COMM 1001 Final Project Description
For this course you will be completing a 2-part final project. The first part is a Personal Skills Inventory Worksheet that you will complete. The second part is an essay about your communication skills, your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to improve on them in the future. The weekly readings and assignments from this term can help you to identify information you can use to complete your Personal Skills Inventory Worksheet as well as identify specific communication skills. The Personal Skills Inventory Worksheet is located in the Week 1 Resources Section.

Final Project Part 1: Personal Skills Inventory
The first part of this project requires you to fill out the Personal Skills Inventory Worksheet. This worksheet lists various skills that will help you to succeed at Walden. There are 6 different skills on the Worksheet (writing, academic integrity, time management, library, technology/computer, and social networking). For each skill, you will explain why the skill is important to you for personal and academic settings. Then you will choose a few skills and identify the following for those skills you choose for each question. Some skills will fit the question better than others, so that is how you can determine which skills to use as you answer the questions. 1. Identify which upcoming courses in your degree program will best help you improve the skill; 2. Identify one or two Walden services you will use to help you improve the skill; 3. Identify at least one person in your personal network who will help you improve the skill.

This worksheet will be submitted as Part 1 of your final project assignment to the submission link designated for it in the Week 6 Project area.

Final Project Part 2: Communication Skills Essay
For Part 2 of the Final Project, you will analyze your communication skills. You will look back over the materials and resources you have read this term about communication. Based...
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