Assignment 1 Using the numeracy core cu

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Assignment 1: Using the Numeracy Core Curriculum

Task 1
Identify some of the skills you could work on with Sally in order to develop her numeracy skills. You should include skills from each curriculum area (Numeracy, Measures Shape and Space and Handling Data). If you prefer, you may include a case study of your own; you will need to provide a profile of your case study and an explanation of the current skills levels and primary learning goals.

Task 2
Complete the table below
a) Using the progression tables at the front of the adult numeracy core curriculum, choose two Number elements, two Measures, Shape and space elements and two Handling Data elements that you could include in a learning plan for Sally or your case study learner. b) Find the correct pages for the elements you have chosen and choose an appropriate sample activity or suggest other activities which could be used to develop this skill.

Curriculum Reference
Description of skill
Sample Activity
(with page number)
N1 / E3.2
N1 / E3.3
N1 / E3.4
N1 / E3.8
N2 / E3.3
multiply two-digit whole numbers by single-digit whole numbers

read, write and understand decimals up to two decimal places in practical contexts (such as: common measures to one decimal place, e.g. 1.5m; money in decimal notation, e.g. £2.37) understand that the decimal point separates pounds and pence, or m and cm understand the use of zero as a place holder, e.g. £1.05 is £1 and 5p understand the use of a leading zero, e.g. 35p = £0.35; 0.5 m = 50 cm recognise .5 as a half, e.g. 2.5 m as 21/2 m

Highlight multiples of 2, 5, 10 in turn on a number square. Look for patterns, and establish 'rules' for multiples of 2, 5, 10. Does the rule hold for three-digit numbers? Use a calculator to check. (pg. 28 / 29)

Answer questions like How many pence in £1.60, £2.06?, etc., to reinforce decimal notation. Read sums of money written in decimal notation from adverts, price...
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