Final Analysis on John Lewis Partnership

Topics: Strategic management, Retailing, John Lewis Partnership Pages: 6 (1827 words) Published: October 18, 2011

TABLE 1: Value Chain

Administration & Infrastructure| 1. Innovative management for safety & occupational health for both partners & customers(12) 2. Constitution system that Set out for principles & governance system & rules(12) 3. Good internal control & risk management(12)| Inbound Logistics| * Relaunch of gusset(14)| | | Operations| * Johnlewis retailer of the year(11) * Produce less waste, conservewater,greener energy, reduce carbon emission(13)| HRM| 1. Built relationship powered by principle of honesty, trust & engagement with employers as well as with customers.(1) 2. Partnership experience relative,consistant & rewarding(1) 3. Partnership rights, working condition & ethical conduct(2) 4. Employee magistrate programme commended(3)| | | | | Sales and Marketing| * Johnlewis free edition magazine to attract 35-44 old woman.(4) * Johnlewis returned to ‘’NEVER UNDERSOLD FOCUS’’(6) * Spring television advertising campaign(7) * Everyone deserve WAITROSE---food lovers campaign(8)| R & D| 1. Responsible development project for extension & refurbishment.(1) 2. First move of location outside great BRITIAN i.e. in Dublin & Ireland(5)| | | | | Services| * Extended brand credit & loyalty card to partners & third party(9) * Online retailers provide relief(10) * Design intallegently,build responsibly & work efficiently(13)| Procurement| |

1. | ` Outbound Logistics| * Collaboration of JLP partners with Norwich hospital staff(15) * Golden jublie trust for welfare of partners * Contribution towards Wallace & gormitte children foundation(16)|

Cost leadership strategy * Fair price strategy with supplier code of conduct(1) * Online strategy results in 38% rise in sale leading to customers cost saving(2) * Promotional code & services(2) * Sharing cost strategy of Waitrose with booths(4)| Different ion strategy: * Loyalty towards customers retaining brand compliance strategy(3) * Waitrose make palm oil commitment(3)| PESTLE ANALYSIS

POLITICAL * Egypt’s clear geo-political (1) * clear geo-political risk(2)| SOCIAL * confidentiality,trust & justice consideration.(11) * Responsibility toward competitive market(14) * Geodemographic factors(14) * Impact of value added per employee on productivity(14)| LEGAL * UK consumer price inflation(8) * Retail groccery environmental logistic in UK.(13) * Policy towards hazardous product waste(15) * Goldplate regulation by FSA(16)| ECONOMICAL * Increase in vat to 20%(4) * Inflation rate to 3%.(5) * Emerging market hit by inflation(6) * Economical dependancy factors(7) * Decline consumer spending headed retailer to the fear of exit.(9)| TECHNOLOGICAL * Changing nature of products & cost structure(17) * Use of derivatives to enhance investment(18) * Impact of currancy derivatives on retail investment.(19)| ENVIROMENTAL * Transfer of technology dependent on socio-culture environment.(3) * Timber policy to protect natural environment.(10) * Reduction in CO2 eqivalent emission.(12) * Recycling & resolving environmental issues.(13)| PORTERS GENERIC MODEL


THREATS OF NEW ENTRY| 1. Retailer copyright conduct by ACID, 2. Access to finance(7) 3. Tough competition to new entrant in four dimension(9)| SUPPLIER| 1. Importance of supplier product to Waitrose(1) 2. Diverse range of supplier with fair price(2) 3. Responsible sourcing code of practice(2) 4. Compliance code for supplier(3)| BUYER ( LOW)| 1. Currency fluctuation & vat rise put pressure on johnlewis buyer(4) 2. Switching cost to diverse branded supplier(11)| THREATS OF SUBSTITUTE(HIGH)| 1. Harrods & Selfridges aim to lure foreign shoppers(8) 2. New retail store by Sainsbury...

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