Waitrose Competitive Information and Brief Pest and Swot Analysis

Topics: Customer, Management, Supply chain management Pages: 12 (2669 words) Published: October 12, 2009
The company I worked for during work experience was:
Waitrose ltd.
Branch 214
33, Bell Street
Tel: 01491 410440

In this assignment, I am going to describe different types of information used in Waitrose and identify its possible sources.

1) The name of the company I have worked for is Waitrose Ltd. At Waitrose, they combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. Above all they take pride in the freshness and quality of their food and products. As you know, Waitrose is partnership with John Lewis which has been ranked first in the “Sunday times” the UK’s largest unquoted company by sales.

The purpose of this partnership is to recruit and retain loyal customer and maintain their reputation for outstanding and value, choice, service and honesty. Partners should gain personal satisfaction by being members of a co-owned enterprise in which they have worthwhile and fulfilling employment. The Partnership's ultimate purpose is the happiness of its members, through their worthwhile and satisfying employment in a successful business. The Partnership is owned in trust for its members so they all share the responsibilities of ownership as well as its rewards - profit, knowledge and power. The Partnership should make sufficient profit to sustain our commercial vitality, to allow continued development and to distribute a share of profits each year consistent with partners’ reasonable expectations over time. The business’s plan is based by their Principles. These principles form part of their contribution, which sets out how they seek to operate as a business.

2) Mission Statement- “The Partnership aims to deal honestly with its customers and secure their loyalty and trust by providing outstanding choice, value and service”.

Sourcing- Progress and achievements
• Voted 'Compassionate Supermarket of the Year' by the Compassion in World Farming Trust (CIWF) • Leckford Estate, Waitrose's 4,000 acre farm, was awarded the LEAF Marque, demonstrating the estate's sound farming and environmental credentials, one of only 50 UK farms to be certified • Founding member and supporter of SEDEX, a multiple retailer project to harmonise ethical trade reporting and to reduce the burden and costs to suppliers providing information on ethical practices • Every first-tier own label supplier is risk assessed against the Waitrose Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice • Launch of online database to capture and risk assess supplier performance against Waitrose's Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice • Locally Produced initiative was awarded a 'big tick' as an Example of Excellence in the Rural Action category of Business in the Community's Awards for Excellence • More than 160 suppliers are now engaged in the Locally Produced initiative • Founder member and supporter of the BRC Code of Practice on Food Standards • Implemented online supplier responsible sourcing non-conformity correction and compliance procedure • Completed gap analysis of Waitrose's Responsible Sourcing Code and SEDEX ethical trading code

Key priorities for next year- Sourcing

• Develop buyer training programme for Responsible Sourcing • Risk assess Waitrose's own operations against its Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice • Work with ETI to develop registration and audit procedures for gangmasters

Customers and community-Progress and achievements

• Joined Business in the Community (BITC)*
• Participated in BITC's Percent Standard for the first time in 2003, with local community contribution estimated at 2.28% of pre tax profits, equivalent to £3.3 million*. In 2004 contribution rose to 2.41% or £4.1 million* • The Partnership was one of only 139 UK companies to participate in BITC's Corporate Responsibility Index, and was ranked 45th in the Top 100 Companies that Count* • Joined London Benchmarking Group and...
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