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Siri Parakum

Siri parakum is a movie about the childhood of Sri Lanka's one of the most significant kings, king Parakramabahu II. It's written and directed by Somarathne Dissanayake, produced by  Renuka Balasooriya.

This is my first review. So here goes nothing.

As mentioned above, this film is created by the award winning famous director himself, Somarathne Dissanayake. After doing movies like Saroja, Punchi suranganavi, Suriya Arana etc, now the director has done his first periodic film Siri Parakum. Magnificent

So does the newest movie also stand among the previous well created movies? I would say no.

So lets start from the beginning. Shall we?

The movie starts well. Decent performances all around. Mr.Dissanayake goes on creating a good back-story with a nice humor mixed in.

But the real magic in the first hour or so in the movie was the little prince himself. Although I was taken aback slightly by the very first line the boy delivers which sounded unnatural and should have been reshooted, the boy quickly becomes the center of attention to everybody.  

Mr.Dissanayake doe what he does best. All the scenes including children are fun to watch and Mr.Dissanayake succeeds with his strategy again. Children at this age( around this age) do not act with experience or the level of understanding. They act naturally and without caring about the outcome, which, if captured properly in a movie, does marvels.

The chemistry between  Chandani Senevirathne's character and the boy is charming in the first half of the movie with comedic dialogues which keeps the audience wanting more.The middle group of actors also do a great job maintaining the charm in the movie. Partnership

Well, after the first half or so of the movie, the charm begins to wear off. The audience keeps asking for more, but the movie just doesn't provide more. The story keeps revolving around the same idea and ends without any notable climax.

What I was really...
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