21 Jump Street Film Critique

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The American Featured Film 21 Jump Street is an action comedy staring Jonah Hill as Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Jenko. The two boys are new to the Police Force and their city’s undercover Jump Street program. With their young appearance on their side, the two take the job of going undercover as two high school students, brothers at that, to get information on a drug circle the Jump Street program believe to be centered around this high school. It’s ironic enough that Hill and Tatum end up as friends working together because when they were in high school Hill took the blunt end of all of Tatum’s cruelness. However, when they make their return to high school they find things to be completely different. After the two accidentally swapped class schedules Tatum found that being the cool guy in school no longer involved him making fun of other people and ends up hanging out with the nerd crowd he became acquainted with his mistaken Chemistry class. Hill found that the popular kids, which ended up being the crowd he needed to get involved with for their leads took a liking to him for simply being himself, so they accidental swap of classes ended up working in their favor. With their main perpetration being identifying the drug pusher within this high school and finding the supplier, the two also find interest in reliving their high school years through this project they have been assigned. Prior to watching this film my assumptions were that I would laugh my head off through the whole thing. The movie did indeed make me laugh but it also had a lot of action, relatable character experiences, and distinct messages throughout.

The storytelling of a film involves many different aspects, including how the story is told, where it’s told, and character conflict that reflects on the story being told. With that, the storytelling of this film was very interesting to me. The story was told in chronological order, but the interesting part to me was that this film was shot in Metairie, Louisiana, with the high school being located in Jefferson, Louisiana, but the film hid that fact. The film never identified any specific city, so the setting of this film was portrayed as your average city with your average sized high school and in the year of 2012. The character conflict that helped viewers reflect on the actual story was when Tatum got his feelings hurt when the popular kids took a better liking to Hill in the beginning of the movie, so a conflict was expected from the get go. The conflict occurred further into the film when Tatum listened in on a conversation between Hill and Dave Franco playing Eric, who they are aware of as being the drug distributer within the high school. In the conversation being listened in on, Franco and Hill talked negatively about Tatum. Tatum played it off as he was just going to brush it off but it definitely put a wedge between the two that ended up causing a fight which resulted in the two of them being expelled from school and fired from their undercover project. The two decide to follow through with their leads, despite being fired from the project. It’s prom night when Tatum and Hill catch wind that the supplier will be at prom. The suppliers end up being Rob Riggle, casted as Mr.Walters, the Physical Education teacher, and a gang called The One Percenters. The One Percenters recognize Tatum and Hill as being Police Officers and open fire. The character conflict is resolved when Tatum jumps in front of Hill who is being fired at and gets shot, but is okay due to his bullet proof vest. While Tatum takes the gun fire Hill shoots Riggle in an unfamiliar place, damaging his manhood forever; which just so happens to be one of the films many uses of satire. This film used many universal truths to uncover its theme, which was two boys that get a chance to experience high school a second time around. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I often find myself reminiscing my high...

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