Film Character Analysis

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The purpose of the following report is to critically analyse and deconstruct the character of "the Joker" within the film "the Dark Knight" and discuss the reasoning of why this character was interpreted in such a way. The Joker, played by late Heath Ledger, is a terrifying villain who will stop at nothing to manipulate and corrupt his victims. However it is not the Jokers sinful love for destruction and chaos alone that makes him such a terrifying character, it is that he is flesh and blood; he is not immortal and does not have any superhuman powers. He is intelligent and always follows through with his cunning plans even if it puts in at the risk of losing his own life. Director, Christopher Nolan does not fail to generate intense and mesmerizing sequences throughout the entirety or the film. He ingeniously blends the codes and conventions of a typical action film, with those of an adventure and thriller to produce a truly fascinating film.

The Film

Batman (Christian Bale) with the assistance of District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman) sets out to obliterate the criminal organizations that plague the city streets of Gotham city. Although this does result in a decrease in criminal activity in Gotham city, they soon are challenged by the Joker; a criminal mastermind that sends the citizens of Gotham city through whirlwind of terrifying experiences. The Dark Knight is the continuing sequel to previous Batman film, Batman Begins. It is a high intensity action film that has been built on a linear film structure and thrives on malicious fun and pure adrenaline. The main message that has been fabricated into this film is that good things don’t happen to good people or even undeserving people for that matter. Christopher Nolan creatively intertwines the themes of betrayal, love and...
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