Topics: United States, American Revolutionary War, Philippines Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: May 5, 2013
However hateful they may be sometimes, I have always loved the movies. When I began reading and studying about history, especially about the war and antiwar, I kept coming across incidents and events that led me to think, Wow, what a movie this would make. I would look to see if a movie had been made about it, but I would never find one. It took me a while to realize that Hollywood is not going to make movie like the one I imagined. All the movies Hollywood have been made are about war and not even single one movie about against the war or from different perspectives. I wondered if the people in Hollywood did not all get together in a room and decide that they willing to do just this kind of film and not other kind of film. Leon Trotsky once used an expression to describe events that are not accidents, and not planned consciously, but are something in between; and he called this “natural selection of accidents,” in which, if there is a certain structure to a situation, then these “accidents” will inevitably happen, whether anyone plans them or not (1. Third paragraph). Hollywood’s structure will not produce movie bases on aesthetics or human values but only where money and profit are absolutely the first consideration. When people think the films about wars that have come out of Hollywood, the producers always worship military heroism. We need to think about telling the story of war from different perspective.

Let’s talk about one of the most popular to begin with: the Revolutionary War. To tell the story of the American Revolution, not from the standpoint of the schoolbooks, but from the standpoint of war as a complex phenomenon intertwined with moral issues, we must acknowledge not just that Americans were suppressed by the English, but the some Americans were suppressed by other Americans. For instance, the Native American did not celebrate the victory of the colonists over England, because for them it meant that the line that the British had drown to limit...
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