Topics: Film, Entertainment, Movie theater Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Serious movies or entertaining movies?

Some people really like serious movies, such as drama and romantic movies, while others prefer to watch entertaining movies like “Iron man” and “Avengers”. From my point of view, I would like to watch entertaining movies. There are many unusual events and actions in the entertaining movies. Besides, this kind of movie shows our current technological advancements. In addition, some people get new ideas from entertaining movies. First of all, there are many unusual events and actions in entertaining movies. It seems to me that this kind of movie is very interesting and never gets me bored. For example, you can see how people try to sustain and love each other when they are in trouble or bad situations from the entertaining movies. Also this kind of movie tends to demonstrate our society’s changes, and it also announce us to keep our world, for example, if you observe that most entertaining movies’ main idea is to save their world, you can understand what I am telling about. In addition, you can realize our technological advancements by watching entertaining movies. Most of entertaining movies have more effect than other kinds of movie. For example, you can see robots, aliens and heroes in almost all entertaining movies because producers, authors and other movie teams need to use some advanced technologies such as 4D to make fascinating movies and get watchers feel actual environment . In fact, it is my main reason to watch entertaining movies because I really like get information about new inventions and technologies. Also, you can watch the movie at home instead of going to the cinema since it is made with many effects so that you don’t worry that you can’t feel better the movie. Finally, you can get new ideas from the movie. Entertaining movies are chance to make new idea because there are many unusual tools and imaginations in there. For example, when you watch Batman, you can see many interesting tools from this...
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