Figure of Speech

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Simile : A comparison between two distinctly different things, objects or events. It consists in placing two different things side by side and comparing them with regard to some quality common to them. First the two objects must be different in kind. Secondly, the point of resemblance between the two different object or event must be clearly brought out. Such words are used for comparison : ‘like’ or ‘as’. A simple example of Robert Burns, “O my love’s like a red rose.”

Errors like strews upon the surface flow.
The younger brother is as good as gold.

Epic Simile: it is also called Homer simile because it was first used by Homer in his epic. It is also called the long tailed simile because in it the comparison is not confied to some one quality but a number of qualities are compared and the comparison is elaborated and spread over a number of lines. For instance, Milton in his Paradise Lost and Pope in his mock-epic The Rape of the Lock have made abundant use of epic simile:

“The broad circumference
Hung on his shoulder like the moon, whose orb
Through optic glass the Tuscan artist views. . .”
Monotony is a Greek word which means “a change of name” is the literal term for one thing is applied to another with which it has become closer associated because of a recurrent relation in common experience. For examples

‘The crown’ or ‘the scepter’ are used to signify king. ‘Hollywood’ for film industry,

Dramatic monologue
A monologue is a lengthy speech by a single person. In a play, when a character utter a monologue that expresses his or her private thought , it is called soliloquy. Dramatic monologue, however, does not designate a component in the play, but a type of lyric poem that was perfected by Robert Browning. In its fullest form, as represented in Browning’s My Last Duchess, The Bishop Orders His Tomb, Andrea Del Sarto . Dramatic monologue has the following features:

1. A single person who is patently not the poet...
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