Field Trip Essay

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Our Saturday Activity
Jazmine Gomez

My experience on the last field trip honestly made me very pensive and actually forced me to evaluate the different meanings of a “bridge.” Never had I thought of a bridge anything more than JUST a bridge. Simply something I or anyone else would use to cross over from one point to another...simple. When the topic of a bridge was brought up the class before our fieldtrip I indefinitely didn’t really focus my attention onto what Professor Padilla was trying to set us up for. Once Saturday came along and we got the rubric while we were at Ruben F. Salazar Park in LA I stopped and focused. Where am I? And how could this not be one of multiple bridges I have crossed in just today? I thought about it more and more, once we reached Mariachi Plaza I realized that this too is another bridge. I finally came to the conclusion that everything in my life is a bridge. Any experience I go through, any place I visit, and person I meet, or any opportunity at hand is a bridge. A bridge in my opinion isn’t something that JUST connects one place to another but it is your fate. A bridge is an opportunity for life, to learn and experience. Whether that bridge is keeping you connected to something or it is keeping you apart from it. On Saturday as I crossed the LA River, later on did I go back and observed my emotions I felt as I crossed, and realized that at that moment I was connecting myself to different types of the LA World. On one side I saw more hardship, more people engaging, people walking, people LIVING, it all seemed like a big neighborhood. While on the other side I felt more of an industrial feel, people working, people, on the go from one place or another, it felt as if it wasn’t about to stop at all times through the day there was no way it was ever going to stop, while on the other side some part of me felt as if that more “homey” side of LA, stopped at night and people took time to settle. I saw the difference...
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