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The Hiking Trip Essay

By 91106213 Nov 11, 2013 506 Words
Ruiz 1
Liliana Ruiz
Ms. Bancroft
English 1 / Period 1
10 October 2013
Response to Literature Essay
“Can’t stop,’ he thought ‘Mark’s in big trouble. Gotta keep going.’” In the short story, The Hiking Trip, Jeff has to travel through a canyon alone to seek help for his brother, Mark. The author reveals Jeff’s personal characteristics through his actions, revealing him to be caring, determined, and brave. Even though Jeff was really scared; he proved that he was very caring. In the beginning of the story Jeff’s dad had to remind him to think about his love for his brother when he got too afraid. At first, Jeff didn’t think he had the courage to hike through a rugged canyon all by himself. But after Jeff thought about how his brother would die if he didn’t make the trip he found strength. At the end of the story Jeff got help but then passed out from exhaustion. When Jeff woke up the first thing he did was ask how his dad and brother were doing, he didn’t worry about himself. If Jeff wouldn’t have been determined to get help, his brother would have died. Even though Jeff was scared and he didn’t want to have courage, his father tells him, “If not courage fine, then have enough love for your brother to think this through!” With this, Jeff could realize that his brother Mark needed medical attention right away. Mark had bitten by a snake and the pain was getting worse, and his father was not too fast to hike and get help immediately. Jeff becomes determined to get help, he begins to climb faster and faster until he passes up his dad, and he says to himself, “Can’t stop, Mark’s in big trouble”. The love for his brother made him determined and gave to him the courage to save his brother’s life, no matter how hard it might be. Until Jeff was faced with an emergency, he had no idea how brave he really was. Hours later after Mark was rescued, Jeff woke up but he doesn’t know what had happened and the first thing in what he thought was in his dad and brother. Then his father told him, “You’re a hero son, you saved Mark”. Jeff had pushed himself to the limits trying to get help for Mark. The love for his brother Mark had given him the courage, and determination to get over his fear and climb mountain to save his brother. Ruiz 2

In conclusion, it took a near tragedy for Jeff to discover himself. Jeff was the younger sibling and had never had to push himself beyond his comfort zone before. Until his brother’s life depended on him he didn’t realize how caring, determined, and brave he was. Sometimes hard times and difficulties show a person who they really are – good or bad. In Jeff’s case, he was able to walk away from adversity knowing he could handle anything.

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