Fiction and Story

Topics: Fiction, Philosophy, Narrative Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Character Analysis
The Story: the Monkey’s Paw
* Character: Pamela
* Point of View: Third Person Omniscient
* Writing Genre: Descriptive
* The Monkey’s Paw was a descriptive story because throughout the whole story they were describing the paw and throughout the Afterlife you will see Pamela describing her feelings on what happen to her brother Herbert. * Fiction Genre: Mystery

* I picked mystery for the Monkey’s Paw because in the end of the story I wasn’t clear on what happen and in the afterlife things happened that no one knows but me. * Literary Device: Conflict

* I picked conflict as my literary device because there’s a lot of conflict in this story with Pamela, Herbert, Mrs. White, Mr. White, and the star of the book “The Paw”. And also in the afterlife there’s a lot of conflict between Mr. White and Pamela * Literary Convention: Dialogue

* I chose dialogue as my literary convention device because throughout the entire story there were * I picked comprehension for my blooms taxonomy device because you have to comprehend what happen in the regular Monkey’s Paw before you can understand what’s going on in the afterlife. * Rhetorical: Onomatopoeia

* I chose Onomatopoeia for the Rhetorical device because in The Money’s Paw afterlife the story has a lot of sound effects. * Sigmund Freud: ID
* I chose ID as my Sigmund Freud device because in the afterlife the characters have childish types of behavior. * Writing Mode: Reflection
* I picked reflection to be my writing genre device subgenre because throughout the sequel it will be flashbacks on why something happened. * Nonfiction Genre:
* Philosophy
The Story: Swimming To Antarctica
* Character: Ms. Cox
* Point of View: Third Person Omniscient
* Writing Mode: Narrative
* Swimming to Antarctica was a Narrative story because Ms.Cox was telling the story and she was the person who was actually swimming to Antarctica. *...
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