Chapter 8 Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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In chapter seven Beah is twelve, and on his own. If I was on my own that young, I would not be able to sustain myself. I like to believe I could survive, but I would probably end up dying after three days. Being left to my own devices would result in a variation of Lord of the Flies, a world of chaos and dismay without parental guidance. Worrying about trivial things at age twelve, I could not go off and work to support myself. Being responsible for myself before I was even a teenager, would be nearly impossible. Beah being able to fend for himself shows the maturity level he had to obtain to survive as a child.
In chapter eight, Beah reminisces on thoughts of his family. I believe him thinking about his family made him mentally stronger. Remembering the good times with his family would’ve fueled his drive to be back with his loved ones. The determination to be back with his family and society kept him alive, instead of letting it harm him he allowed his thoughts to persuade him to go on. The things his family taught him brought him assistance as he traveled. His father’s quote instilled Beah’s will to live; that if you give up on life you are already dead. When faced
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The significance of ending with the monkey story is that killing of evil so that no one else had to suffer with the same situation. It relates to the novel because Beah spoke at the U.N. about child soldiers to raise awareness, to prevent other children from being placed in similar situations as him. Allowing the truth to come to light, ultimately helped some child from being used as a soldier, because Beah used his voice to speak out. I felt that the ending of the novel reflects the good and bad we experience as humans. If we allow our dark times to consume us, we let those situations win. On the flip side if we grow stronger and speak out against injustice we faced, we save another person from going through the same

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