Felons Have Right to Vote

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Human rights Pages: 4 (647 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Voting is the most important right in a democratic society because it is the basis of all

other rights within the society. To disenfranchise an entire group of citizens in a democratic

society is to violate the very principles of democracy. Because the right to vote is so essential to

the preservation of a democratic society, felons ought to retain the right to vote.

Felons are denied their right to just representation when they are disenfranchised. The

right to vote is a natural right for all naturalized citizens in a democratic society. Felons are no

exception. Although felons have broken the rule with society, they are given their due by the

removal of their rights while in prison. The completion of a felon serving out their sentence in

prison is a just punishment, however taking away their right to vote is an act that strips felons

their right to be represented in government. When a democratic society does not allow a certain

group of people to participate in government, they are essentially ignoring that population

and denying them representation. When looking at felons, disfranchisement especially skews

representation because it puts minorities and the underprivileged at an extreme disadvantage.

Also, just representation is paramount for the preservation of a democratic society. Since

its birth in ancient Europe, many derivatives of a democratic society have been formed. From

a direct democracy to a constitutional democracy to a republic, the most key component to a

democratic society is the right for all citizens to have a say in political, economic, and social

decisions made by the government. Just representation is not the only aspect of a government

that makes it democratic but it is the most necessary to the preservation of a democratic society

because it is the basis for the founding of the very system. The votes of all people ought to be

weighed equally in order to prevent democracy from...
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