Should Ex-Convicts Be Allowed To Vote?

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Should ex-convicts be allowed to vote?
According to the Constitutional Law, at the age of eighteen you are legally given a right to voice your opinion in voting. What happens when the law is broken for something you have done illegally, should your rights be taken away? How can a crime be so bad to where rights are taken? I believe all rights should be restored once the person whom committed the crime have paid their debt to society by doing the time because No Crime should take away their right to voice opinions, they have paid their debt by doing the consequence of the crime, and all should be given a second chance.
When it comes to the rights of our people, what crimes are so bad to have them taken away. Dealing drugs, child support, driving a car without license, or even not paying fines, it not a big enough crime to take away the rights to vote. When we as humans do what we have to do to provide for our family and self, we get penalized for what is needed to be done but it should not take the right to vote. Looking at society today and what’s going on between the 2016 Presidential candidates all votes should matter. Whether they are incarcerated or on land in society
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They should be given a second chance. No one is perfect, we are human and we make mistakes that’s life. Doing a crime, no matter if the crime was done intentionally or not intentionally we have to learn from them and move forward with life. We should not be held responsible our entire life and having the right to vote is a privilege that the government take to serious. According to “Forgiveness is a sign of Civilization”. Most felons commit crime due to poor parenting, mental health issues, and poor role model just to state a few. So if a person with mental health, who have serious issues who may commit a crime should be held responsible and all rights should be taken forever. No do the crime, do the time and restore

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